Sales Engagement for Salesforce

The modern sales platform built for Salesforce users.

Salesforce CRM is still the anchor technology system for most sales teams. We want to make it easier for your reps and capture all the required data for the business.

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Complexity sucks, simplicity is better.

Most sales engagement platforms are too limited with their integration with your CRM or fall short with bi-directional sync. Sellular will allow your team to work smarter, faster, and capture all required fields in Salesforce…all from our platform.


3 ways we improve your experience with Salesforce

Lighting fast bi-directional data sync

  • Eliminate busywork and duplicate data logging
  • No more toggling between systems
  • Ensure data consistency and accuracy across all platforms


Salesforce... in Sellular

  • Spreadsheet-like editing and note taking experience for every object
  • Change lead stages, convert opportunities, edit picklists, all from Sellular
  • Less reliance on sales ops for reports and customized views


Better calling experience

  • Simple click-to-call
  • Native SMS
  • Rich, contextual call data


The features your sales team needs, with the simplicity they love


SDRs and BDRs can personalize prospecting at scale

With Sellular, sales teams can automate routine activities and personalize outreach where it matters most. Emails, calls, voicemails, and texts can easily be added to any sequence. Empower your team to prospect and book more meetings.


Account Executives will have more time to focus on deals

Sellular automatically updates all required Salesforce fields as you go. No need to set aside extra time to update your pipeline. Work leads, contacts, opportunities, and accounts from one place.


Sales leaders can monitor, track, and understand team performance

With our sales platform’s pre-built reports and dashboards, gain complete visibility into your sales team's productivity. Track trends across individual and team metrics to understand how everyone’s talk time translates into meetings and demos.