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per user per month

For growing teams looking to scale outreach with personalized email automations and sequences.

The Growth plan includes:

Account, Contact, Lead, & Opportunity Management

Email Integration (Gmail, Outlook, or any provider)

Email Sequences

Customizable Grid Layout

Inline Editing

Bulk Updates

Complete Salesforce Integration

Automations for Accounts,
Leads & Contacts



per user per month

For teams seeking voice and email omnichannel functionality and robust analytics.

The Business plan includes:

Everything in Growth plan, and

Omnichannel Sequences

Integrated Calling as Sequence Steps

Custom Domains for Email Tracking

Unlimited outbound Calling to US & Canada

Outbound Calling to 190 countries
(As per purchased call pack)

Receive calls on Phone numbers (in 46 countries) - View Coverage

SMS Texting (Supported in 12 countries)

Voicemail to Email

Call Recordings and Sharing

Call Dispositions

Automatic Call and Call Notes Logging into Salesforce

Email Integration



Gmail Support

Microsoft 365, Office 365, Outlook & Exchange support

Any Email Provider with SMTP/IMAP

Open and Click Tracking

Follow-up reminders

Email Templates

Smart Views



Account, Contact, Lead, & Opportunity Management

Customizable Grid Layout

Custom Fields

Inline Editing

Bulk Update

Group by

Salesforce Integration



2-way Sync for Accounts, Contacts, Leads & Opportunities

Automatic Activity Logging

Automatic Email Tracking into Salesforce

Omnichannel Sequences



Automated & Manual Tasks

Automated Emails

Manual Steps (Manual Emails & Tasks)

Integrated Calling as sequence steps

Custom Delay Between Each Step

Scheduled Sending

Custom Timezone per Sequence

Pause Prospecting on Reply

Dynamic Variables

Safety Settings per Sequence

Actions Based on Email Opens and Link Activity

Custom Domains for Email Tracking





Automations for Accounts, Leads & Contacts


Sales Dialer (Calls & Texting)



Outbound Calling (to 190 countries)

Receive calls on Phone numbers (in 43 countries)

SMS Texting (Supported for US, Canada, UK, & Australia)

Voicemail to Email

Call Recordings and Sharing

Call Disposition

Automatic Call and Call Notes Logging into Salesforce

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I transfer my existing phone number to Sellular?

Yes. We offer number porting in the US, Canada, UK, and Australia to enable seamless phone number transition from your existing provider.

Do I have to purchase a minimum number of users for either pricing plan?

There are no minimum users for any of the pricing plans at the moment.

Does Sellular offer any International calling bundle?

Yes, users can buy a calling bundle when on the Growth plan which will give them 1000 mins of calling across 30+ countries for $30 per org per month (billed annually). The list of countries are Australia, Belgium, Colombia, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Hungary, Iceland, India, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Luxembourg, Malta, Mexico, Mongolia, Netherlands, Newzealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Romania, Singapore, Slovakia, South Korea, Spain, US Virgin Islands and United Kingdom.

Will I be charged by the minute for my calls or for my messages?

Calling and texting is available in the Growth plan and is unlimited within the US and Canada (subject to fair-usage policy). International calling and texting will incur additional charges per minute, which vary by country. Users can also buy an international calling bundle for $30 per org per month and receive 1000 mins of bundled calling across 30+ countries.

Are there any additional charges to use Sellular across multiple devices (e.g., desktop and mobile)?

No, every user can access Sellular across any of their devices without incurring any additional charges. Sellular offers web app, desktop apps for both Mac and Windows operating systems and a Google Chrome Extension for these operating systems. Mobile apps for iOS and Android will be available soon.

What are my payment options?

We accept all major credit cards. Subscription fees will be charged at the beginning of your contract term. Usage fees and carrier surcharges are deducted from your account balance as incurred.

Can I cancel my account whenever I want?

You can cancel your account at the end of your term as per your plan.

Is Salesforce integration included with my plan or will I be charged extra?

Salesforce integration is included in every plan without any fees or upcharge. A pre-built two-way integration with Salesforce CRM is at the core of our offering.

Does my plan include any type of support?

All plans come bundled with 24/5 email support and hands on onboarding. Additionally, we can offer customized training and support plans as per your custom requirements.