Outbound calling, built for sales teams

Don't let outdated calling platforms slow you down. Sellular is the modern RingCentral alternative for outbound calling for sales teams.

Modern UI with quick response to feature requests
Transparent pricing at $29 per user, per month
Free 14-day trial with full features
Salesforce Appexchange Partner
Official Salesforce Partner

Official Salesforce Appexchange listing. Our two-way integration with Salesforce ensures a seamless sync between us.

SOC, PCi-DSS, HIPAA, GDPR compliant
Secure and Regulation Compliant

SOC 2, Privacy Shield, CCPA, GDPR, 

G2 Leader - 2023 Winter Winner, Best CPaaS Platform Award
Product by
Product by Plivo

Enterprise-grade platform with 99.99% uptime, ranked #1 in customer satisfaction on G2.

Why are modern sales teams turning to Sellular?

Custom-fit for sales teams

We understand the unique needs of outbound sales teams. Beyond calling, get CRM functionality, Salesforce integration, performance analytics, and call recordings. Our future product roadmap is laser-focused on quick rollout of new calling features for sales teams.

Rich Calling Features

Get unlimited outbound calling in the USA and Canada, and cost-saving plans for international calls. Also get call recordings, click-to-dial, and power dialing. 

Unrivaled Ease of Use

The features you need the most are easy to find, and simple to use. Onboarding takes hours, not days, to get you on the phone quickly to prospects. 

Excellent Customer Support

Get the support you need to succeed. Sellular offers free, 24*5 dedicated, in-house support, for reliable, fast resolution to important issues.

Sellular is better than RingCentral in areas that matter most to your sales team.

Built for
Outbound calls from sales teams
Generic calling across functions
Company Size
Customized for the needs of small to medium size growing teams
Non-specific features for companies of any size
Feature Development
Fast and agile, focused on sales features
Slow, with a backlog of feature requests
Outbound calling US+CA
Included in all plans
Included in all plans
Outbound calling other countries
$30 per month for the organization gives 1000 minutes
Pay-as-you-go leading to high potential cost
Business SMS
Yes, unlimited in US & Canada
Yes, limited. 25 messages/user in base plan
HD Voice
Yes, powered in-house by Plivo
Yes, uses a third-party
Call Recording
Automatic/On-demand for all plans
On-demand in base plan Automatic/On-demand in higher plan
Implementation Support
Free white glove onboarding and set up
Implementation at a cost
Salesforce Integration
Deep integration with 2-way sync to maintain single source of truth
Basic integration to support click-to-dial
CRM Integration
Available only in premium plans
Outbound Sales CRM
Yes,in all plans
Sequences + Task Manager
Yes, in growth plan
Customer Support
Free 24*5 reliable dedicated in-house support
Outsourced support team
Starts $30/user/month, with 3 tier plans
Empower Your Outbound Sales Team

The features you need, at the price you want.



per user per month
billed annually

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per user per month
billed annually

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It’s simple to switch to Sellular


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Frequently Asked Questions

What training is needed to use Sellular?

Very little! Sellular is modern and intuitive to use. With a simple and familiar UI, anyone on your sales teams can start using Sellular in minutes. RingCentral has a notoriously high learning curve, as it caters to multiple functions like support, HR, and sales.

How long does it take to set up an account with Sellular?

Onboard to Sellular in a day, and make your first call within minutes of getting set up.

What kind of reporting does Sellular offer?

Because we built Sellular specifically for sales teams, reports in Sellular give you deep insights into the performance of outbound sales teams. RingCentral reports only include high level data on generic calls and business analytics

Does Sellular offer a free trial?

Yes! Try Sellular free for 14-days with access to all the outbound calling features.

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Things we'll cover:

Here's what we'll cover in a 30-minute demo:

How reps can do their entire job without logging into Salesforce... seriously.

How to create customized sales sequences for simplified outreach.

Sellular’s automation capabilities so reps never miss a follow up.

Our sales dialer with voice and messaging capabilities, powered by Plivo’s global carrier network.

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