Top 5 Yesware Alternatives for Successful Sales Teams

November 30, 2023

Yesware, an email tracking and sales tool, is a trusted companion for sales professionals focusing on emails for sales engagement. However, as businesses continue to grow and as new challenges surface, it becomes increasingly important to explore alternative solutions that better cater to the evolving needs. Given the abundance of sales engagement and automation platforms in the market, selecting the right one for your business can be challenging.

This article explores five different Yesware alternatives that offer enhanced features.

Why Consider a Yesware Alternative?

Yesware is an affordable and simple email outreach solution for sales teams. It is compatible with Gmail and Outlook inboxes, offering seamless integration with various other sales platforms such as Salesforce and Clari. It is popular among sales teams that don't need the additional complex features found in many other sales engagement software options. However, the sales cycle does not end with email outreach. Sales teams need tools to contact leads across multiple channels. In this case, Yesware would not be enough. It cannot execute multi-touch campaigns and sequences. 

Despite being a platform focused on cold email outreach, Yesware lacks features to help increase open rates, such as inbox warmup. Many other tools in the market offer such features. 

Users on review platforms claim that Yesware does not offer a guided onboarding experience. This makes it difficult to set up and use.

Source: G2

The integration with Salesforce may experience occasional issues, posing challenges for teams that heavily rely on Salesforce. Additionally, this integration is only available in the highest pricing plan.

Source: G2

Yesware is less expensive than other sales engagement platforms. But do teams get enough value from it? Many tools in the market offer multiple other functionalities at almost the same price. So, if you’re looking to optimize your sales expenditure, it is good to start looking for a Yesware alternative. 

In the next section, we will discuss alternatives to Yesware that compensate for the disadvantages mentioned.

5 Best Yesware Alternatives For Sales Teams

1. Sellular

Sellular is an omnichannel sales engagement platform that enables sales teams to plan and execute end-to-end sales outreach from a single platform. You can create and manage multi-touch sales sequences across email, SMS, and social channels without leaving Sellular. It includes email optimization features that allow you to enhance emails for opens, clicks, and engagement. Additionally, the platform has a full-funnel reporting system that provides actionable insights for every sales sequence you create.

Sellular's voice and messaging capabilities provide flexibility and reliability to your sales agents. You can communicate with leads across 190 countries with unlimited text and voice plans. Sellular also offers interesting features like a built-in task management system. This provides a comprehensive overview of your team’s tasks and progress. Sellular integrates with Salesforce and gives you a consolidated view of all records. You can fully customize the view and edit your Salesforce records directly from the Sellular platform. Further, Sellular integrates with Zoom to capture all meetings with prospects, and provides the ability to schedule meetings & manage calendars from within the platform.

Best For: Growing teams looking to scale sales outreach with different channels along with Salesforce

Pricing: Starts at $39 monthly per user. 14-day free trial available.

Sellular Vs. Yesware
Sellular Yesware
Omnichannel sales engagement platform — streamlines outreach across different platforms. Multi-channel platform — its different functionalities are in silo.
Sellular offers sales engagement capabilities across email, call, SMS, and social media. Offers only one outreach channel — email.
High value for money. More features within the same price range as Yesware Low value for money
Sellular provides 24/5 highly reliable implementation support Lack of one-on-one onboarding support

2. Groove

Groove is an enterprise sales engagement platform and the only one with a native Salesforce integration available in the sales engagement software market. Sales teams can prospect at scale across various platforms using multiple campaigns with Groove. Its automation features enable salespeople to follow up with personalized and multi-step flows. 

Notably, Groove offers advanced sales analytics that presents real-time and accurate revenue reports. These reports provide insights into both the quality and quantity of sales activities. Additional Groove features include conversion and revenue intelligence tools, task prioritization, activity tracking, click-to-call features, email templates, and calendar meeting scheduling. 

Groove’s recent acquisition by Clari, a revenue intelligence platform, will assist sales teams in effectively planning and controlling the entire revenue process on one unified platform. 

Best For: Enterprise sales teams with a Salesforce-centered workflow

Pricing: Groove offers a 14-day free trial for Salesforce users only, and annual billing plans are available. There is also a minimum annual spend for the first year, of $10,000. Custom pricing is provided on request. 

Groove Vs. Yesware  
Groove Yesware
Groove’s Salesforce integration and functionality are seamless. When using Yesware, you must switch between Salesforce and Yesware to use certain features.
Offers sales analytics feature that enables reporting sales engagement at a sequence level. Offers basic sales analytics
Pricing is higher and lacks transparency. The tool comes with a hefty minimum investment.

There are other budget-friendly Yesware alternatives with powerful Salesforce integrations.

No minimum investment and it is one of the most affordable options in the market.

3. Klenty

Klenty is a sales engagement platform that helps you find prospects, communicate across multiple platforms, and follow up at scale. It directly integrates with various CRMs like Salesforce, Pipedrive, and Hubspot. Teams can combine calls, LinkedIn, SMS, emails, and WhatsApp into a unified sequence of touchpoints.

Klenty features the Adaptive Trigger Matrix, which helps create unique workflows for individual buyer journeys. Sales representatives can automatically execute these workflows, eliminating the need to recreate the same activity for each lead. It can also segment and auto-route less-engaged leads into the ‘nurture’ sequence. Klenty also offers outreach features, A/B testing, prospecting data, and AI writing tools to assist in writing sales outreach messages. 

Best For: Mid-sized businesses looking to create hyper-personalized campaigns

Pricing: Starts at $50 monthly per user (email only), $70 for main functions (cadences, dialer, SMS, etc.) $100/user/month for full functions. A 14-day free trial is available.

Klenty Vs. Yesware
Klenty Yesware
Helps send more personalized follow-ups and create sequences according to the lead’s buying journey. Lacks advanced personalization features
It offers inbox warmup feature The inbox warm-up feature is absent
The interface can be difficult to navigate compared to other tools. It has a steep learning curve. Comparatively easier to setup and navigate.

4. SalesLoft

SalesLoft is an AI-powered solution with the combined capabilities of a sales engagement tool and a CRM. It integrates with platforms such as Salesforce and Chilipiper, making it easier to research, call, and book demos across multiple platforms. SalesLoft platform enables representatives to create automated structured workflows, view engagement analytics, and analyze pipeline performance. It also has features for coaching — tailored insights, team trends, and guidance on seller development.

SalesLoft can be used to create personalized cadences to adapt to various sales processes for different types of prospects. The advanced plans come with conversation intelligence, deal intelligence, and sales forecasting.

Best For: Enterprise sales teams that require the functionalities of a CRM and sales engagement platform with a large budget

Pricing: Starts at $125-$150/user/month with 3 plan tiers. No free trials and custom pricing is available on request.

SalesLoft Vs. Yesware   
SalesLoft Yesware
Offers better features in terms of automation, outreach, and pipeline management Yesware has limited automation, outreach, and pipeline management features
Better suited for teams with intricate pipelines, aiming to establish repeatable, scalable processes for high-volume outreach More suitable for one-on-one interactions
Pricing plans are not transparent More affordable and transparent pricing plans

5. Outreach

Outreach is another all-in-one sales execution platform that offers revenue operations and intelligence with sales engagement features. It helps create and close pipelines with automation and artificial intelligence.

With templates, snippets, tasks, and account-based workflows, sales teams can generate more responses and engagement throughout the buyer journey. A noteworthy functionality in Outreach is its auto-sequencing feature, which simplifies the handling of a large volume of prospects. It allows sales teams to automate and streamline their outreach efforts to leads and prospects through a series of predefined communication steps. 

Best For:  Large sales teams that need a revenue platform along with a sales engagement platform

Pricing: Starts at $100/user/month without transparent pricing tiers. They charge additional fees for onboarding, implementation, support, and add-ons like global outbound calling, sales coaching features, etc. Annual term contracts come with a minimum 1-year commitment. Custom pricing is available on request. No free trial is available. 

Outreach Vs. Yesware
Outreach Yesware
Offers AI-powered features AI is not available
Suitable for sales functionalities for different stages in the customer journey Only suitable for the outreach stage
User interface is a bit more complex and less intuitive. It comes with a learning curve Comparatively easy to use and intuitive.

Streamline Your Sales Team’s Performance With Sellular

Due to its limited functionalities in terms of multi-channel engagement, your sales team may outgrow Yesware relatively quickly. They may require a tool that has additional features to support their workflow. However, you might have concerns, such as adjusting your budget or adapting to a new user interface.

Imagine having access to a sales engagement tool with additional features at the same cost as Yesware and seamlessly transitioning to the new platform during onboarding. Sellular offers a comprehensive suite of tools for multi-channel engagement, empowering your sales team to connect with leads through various channels. Our team will guide you through the setup process, ensuring a hassle-free transition. All this at the same price as Yesware.

Embrace Sellular to unlock the full potential of your sales operations today.

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