Top Alternatives to Klenty for Cold Email Outreach

December 20, 2023

When it comes to modern sales, new selling practices keep emerging. However, one thing that still remains relevant is email outreach. It is a tried-and-tested approach that has been in sales playbooks for decades. 

But here's the deal – for you to successfully scale your email outreach campaigns, you need a sales engagement platform. Klenty is one such platform that can help sales teams reach out to prospects by sending personalized emails and automated follow-ups. 

Although Klenty has been a valuable addition to the tech stack of many businesses, some major issues are driving the existing as well as new users away. These include consistent glitches, broken integrations, limited emails, and non-intuitive UI. 


Considering these significant challenges, looking for Klenty alternatives becomes the obvious next step. In this article, we will help you with a comprehensive understanding of the Klenty alternatives available that can deliver better results for your business 

5 reasons you need Klenty alternatives today 

We will first look at Klenty's deal-breaker user issues more closely.  

  1. Glitches and bugs: Users are increasingly switching from Klenty due to constant issues with glitches and bugs. The frequent lags, slow loading times, and platform freezes have led to a poor user experience, making them look for a platform that offers a more reliable operation.
  1. Email deliverability: Users have reported challenges related to email deliverability, which has impacted the effectiveness of their outreach efforts. 
  1. Clunky User Interface (UI): Another significant factor contributing to the migration away from Klenty is its clunky user interface. The complexity and lack of user-friendliness have made the platform navigation difficult. 
  1. Limited and broken integrations: The absence of important integrations like Salesforce has become a critical factor driving users away from Klenty and looking for a more robust integration ecosystem. 
  1. Inconsistent search feature: Multiple users have reported that the search functionality in Klenty does not meet their needs impacting data retrieval and management.

Having identified the existing issues, we are in a position to evaluate the alternative solutions better. 

Overview table of Klenty alternatives

Without any further ado, let us thoroughly understand the specifics of each alternative. 

Top 6 Klenty alternatives for cold email outreach

If you're nodding to most or some of the issues we just mentioned, this section is just for you as it explores the top Klenty competitors in depth. 

1. Sellular 

Sellular is the most complete sales engagement platform a sales team could ever need. It allows you to manage every prospect interaction – Email, call, text, and social media without leaving the platform. 

With Sellular’s two-way sync, you don’t have to update your Salesforce account manually. You can easily identify and select high-profile deals to nurture strategically on multiple channels. 


  • Sales sequence scheduling across multiple channels
  • Email optimizer to optimize emails for opens, clicks, and engagement
  • Full-funnel activity reporting 
  • Task view for to-dos for each sales sequence flow
  • Connect with prospects over calls  


There are two pricing plans with the ‘Growth plan’ at $39 and the ‘Business plan' at $69. There are no hidden costs and compulsory contracts. 


  • Intuitive & familiar user experience
  • Flexible schedules to optimize email sending
  • Higher delivery by staggering the email sending
  • Flexible monthly contracts
  • Quick setup 


  • Fewer integrations

Here’s what one of the Sellular users says. 

Wish to boost your pipeline? Get started with Sellular right away. 

2. Yesware 

Yesware is the next alternative to Klenty on our list that helps sales professionals increase the productivity of their outreach. It seamlessly integrates with Gmail and Outlook to track activity and automate the campaigns. Yesware goes beyond and offers a sales toolkit to manage your entire sales funnel. 


  • Real-time open and link click notifications
  • Chrome extension and Outlook add-on 
  • Analytics and reports to measure campaign success 
  • Customizable email templates
  • Meeting scheduler 


Yesware plans start from $15 to $65 (if billed annually). They offer a forever-free plan and a customized quote on request.


  • Automated Salesforce Sidebar that syncs sales email interactions
  • See when recipients view attachments
  • Access to best-in-class B2B contact data through the Prospector feature 
  • Follow-up reminders


  • Confusing user reports with basic data
  • Bugs and glitches 
  • Customizations lead to manual work

Jay, a Yesware user on G2 says  

3. Saleshandy

Saleshandy is cold email outreach software that helps both sales and marketing teams scale their email outreach. Using Saleshandy, you can schedule and send automated follow-up emails to leads and automate prospecting emails. 

Saleshandy provides standout email deliverability features like email health score and a bounce guard function to automatically pause an email campaign in case a high bounce rate is detected.


  • Email sequence builder
  • Trigger-based automated follow-ups
  • Unified inbox to manage prospects’ conversations from one place
  • Pre-saved email templates
  • Email tracker to know who opened and clicked emails
  • Sequence score to measure outreach performance 


Pricing of Saleshandy starts from $36 and goes up to a whopping $299 per month (billed annually). 


  • Cold email course for beginners 
  • Agency portal to manage clients’ outreach
  • LinkedIn email finder
  • Unlimited emails and warmup


  • Expensive for some use cases
  • High learning curve 
  • Limited integrations 
  • Important features are in the beta phase

Nam, a Saleshandy user on G2 shares his first-hand experience 

4. Quickmail

Quickmail, another alternative to Klenty, helps sales and marketing teams automate their follow-ups, grow their email outreach, and improve email deliverability. This email outreach solution is designed for cold outreach and is ideal for teams looking for advanced metrics and superior deliverability. 

Using Quickmail, your reps can reach prospects via emails, phone calls, SMS, and Slack. Its extensive AI features allow reps to automate mundane and repetitive admin tasks and focus on selling. 


  • Unlimited email A/B testing
  • Campaign reports to measure success
  • Custom attributes and conditional send logic
  • One-click inbox rotation 
  • Email/LinkedIn cross-channel campaigns


Quickmail has three plans – Basic plan, Pro plan, and Expert plan priced at $49, $89, and $129 per month respectively. 


  • Responsive customer support 
  • Add as many inboxes to campaigns 
  • Intuitive user interface 
  • Ability to nurture Facebook groups as well 


  • Expensive than other alternatives 
  • Integrations are limited and difficult to set up
  • Higher learning curve 

Kris shares their experience of using Quickmail on G2.


Smartlead is an AI-powered email outreach and automation tool. This Klenty alternative allows you to automate campaigns, categorize customer intents, and track data to improve conversions. You also get access to easy-to-use email templates for building campaigns instantly. 

You can pull data between Smartlead and other apps via Zapier, Make, etc. Plus the platform has native integrations with Hubspot, Salesforce & many more to better manage leads.


  • Multi-channel outreach
  • Unified inbox to view all customer messages
  • Email follow-up automation
  • MX matching to eliminate manual entries 
  • AI to adjust sending patterns 

Pricing plans start from $33 and go up to $78 (if billed annually). 


  • Unlimited email warmups 
  • Auto-move emails from spam folder to inbox
  • Intuitive setup 
  • Quick to deploy new feature requests


  • UI can be improved 
  • Fewer customization options for reports 
  • Limited integrations 

Aydan, a Smartlead user on G2, says

6. Outreach

Outreach, the last but not least alternative to Klenty is a sales engagement platform that also helps teams automate their outreach processes. The platform lets you control emails, social interactions, and voice interactions. The platform integrates with tools like Salesforce to centralize data and track end-to-end activities between your reps and leads. 


  • Automated prospect workflows 
  • Sync data across email, LinkedIn, and calls with CRM contacts
  • Integrated call and meeting scheduler
  • AI-powered team insights
  • Out-of-office email handling


Outreach begins from $100 per user/month (billed annually). You will be charged extra for onboarding, implementation, and customer support.


  • User-friendly and easy-to-configure platform 
  • Strong support team
  • Create sequences with A/B testing
  • Technical chat support  


  • Annual compulsory contracts
  • Editing sequences is difficult 
  • Expensive as compared to others 
  • Outreach reporting needs improvement 

Here’s what the G2 review of an Outreach user says

There you have it! A detailed roundup of the top 6 Klenty alternatives. But which one should you choose? Well, we’ve got you (again).

How to choose the right Klenty alternative?

Choosing the right Klenty alternative ultimately boils down to aligning your unique business needs with the features and capabilities offered by each platform. 

Consider the following factors before you make the final call 

  • Ensure it is easy to use so that your reps don’t have to spend hours training for the same
  • Check if it can accommodate both your present and future needs 
  • Budget is another crucial factor. Don’t always go with the cheapest or the feature-rich alternative. Align the platform offerings with your requirements. 
  • Next, see if it seamlessly integrates with your workflows and existing tools 
  • Look for automation features to save you valuable time 
  • Lastly, check if their support team is competent enough to always have your back.

Don’t forget to weigh the pros and cons, sign up for trials, and gather insights from user reviews on G2, Capterra, and other review sites to make a wise decision.

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