Top 7 Sales Outreach Tools to Crush Your Sales Goals (2024)

January 2, 2024

“Customers have changed way faster than salespeople, especially in the B2B space.”

- Alejandro Cabral, Global Digital Sales Transformation Leader, Kimberly Clark Professional

In a world where the human attention span is just 8.25 seconds, making people turn to your cold pitches is hard. Sales outreach has become harder. Modern-day sales reps have to lead with personalization, automation, and focus on multiple channels - all of which cannot be an afterthought, anymore. 

With traditional sales outreach methods not cutting it, businesses are turning to modern sales outreach tools. 

This article has been written for sales leaders to help them understand how to pick the right sales outreach tool. We will dive deep into the many benefits of sales outreach tools and our own curated list of the top sales outreach tools. 

Why do Businesses Use Sales Outreach Tools? 

A sales outreach tool equips businesses with the ability to contact prospects and target messaging and pitches across channels, including social media, and email campaigns. 

It can also help you with

  • Lead scoring 
  • Automating sales sequences 
  • Running personalized multi-channel outreach campaigns at scale
  • Segmenting audience based on their buyer journey

Outreach tools bring you the following benefits:

  1. Effective targeting: A sales outreach tool helps businesses filter through a large database and focus on only relevant segments.
    These days outreach platforms sport features to craft emails along with dynamic fields to personalize pitches with the recipient's name, company, position, previous interactions with the company, and other relevant information. You can customize messaging based on the buyer's journey and campaign analytics. 
  1. Better conversion/success rates: Through personalized touch and automated follow-ups, sales outreach tools nurture leads and guide them through the sales funnel. Personalized engagement increases the likelihood of conversions, leading to higher success rates in turning prospects into customers.
  1. Data-backed outreach: Sales outreach tools offer detailed analytics on prospect interactions. You can easily gain insights into prospect behavior by tracking email opens, click-through rates, and social media engagement. Understanding how prospects engage with outreach efforts allows for far better and more strategic follow-ups.
  1. Higher efficiency:  Automation features in sales outreach tools take the effort out of routine tasks, such as sending emails, scheduling follow-ups, and managing leads. This increased efficiency allows sales teams to focus on more value-adding tasks, improving your outreach campaigns' ROI.

Features a sales outreach tool must-have

Now that we know how a sales outreach can add value to the processes of your business, we will list the essential features you need to look for in a sales outreach tool. 

1. Prospect management

The sales outreach tool should have a centralized dashboard to organize and manage contacts, including leads and prospects. It should also offer you the ability to import/export large data and integrate it with your CRM platforms for a unified view. 

2. AI and automation 

You should be able to automate repetitive tasks like email campaigns, follow-ups, multi-channel sequences, and scheduling to save time and ensure no conversation falls through the cracks. 

One of the features sales reps get a kick out of is a feature to send personalized emails based on specific actions taken by the recipient, such as visiting a particular page on your website or clicking a link in a previous email. 

This makes the follow-up highly relevant to the recipient's interests. With AI making waves in almost every industry today, incorporating AI features like sentiment analysis in your outreach can dramatically improve your response rates. 

3. Multichannel outreach 

The tool should help you to connect with different communication channels such as email, social media, phone calls, SMS, live chat, etc. The integration ensures a unified approach to customer engagement. This allows for a more diverse and personalized approach to connecting with prospects based on their preferences.

4. Analytics and reporting

The sales outreach tool should offer in-depth analytics to track the performance of outreach campaigns and your team. Metrics like open rates, click-through rates, and reply rates provide insights into the campaign performance, ensuring a data-backed outreach strategy. 

5. A/B testing  

The sales outreach tool you select should be flexible enough to allow A/B testing for different outreach strategies. You can identify the most effective approaches and continuously optimize campaigns based on real-time feedback.

7 Best Sales Outreach Tools to grow your Conversion Rates

Without any further ado, let’s learn all about the best sales outreach tools that align with our feature checklist. 

1. Sellular 

Sellular is the #1 sales engagement platform that lets you plan, execute, and schedule multitouch sales outreach across different channels, including email, SMS/MMS, calling, and social.

Sellular integrates with Salesforce and other CRMs and assigns leads automatically to sequences (based on your settings), depending on demographics and activity. Sellular also helps you filter high-priority deals and opportunities to prioritize. 

For email outreach, Sellular sports a bunch of features such as an in-platform email composer, email template, and multiple email inboxes. With such a multitude of features in a single platform, your sales reps can avoid juggling multiple tools to implement sales outreach. 

Sellular also helps you set up multi-channel sales cadences, enabling you to add social channels, phone calls, and SMS to your outreach mix. For sales managers, the platform also has a task view to track the activity of all their sales reps

Key features

  • Bidirectional Salesforce integration
  • Email optimizer to measure opens, clicks, and engagement
  • Voice and messaging powered by Plivo
  • Full-funnel activity reporting 
  • Multichannel outreach sequences 
  • Account, contact, lead, and opportunity management


Sellular has two pricing plans. You can get the ‘Growth plan’ at just $39 and the ‘Business plan' at $69. You can pay as you go, as there are no rigid yearly contracts. 

2. Klenty

Klenty is another sales engagement platform allowing you to perform outreach on multiple channels, follow up on time, and initiate new conversations.

The platform’s AI capabilities allow you to build entire sequences of personalized emails, LinkedIn messages, and call scripts within minutes. Klenty integrates with almost all the popular CRM platforms like Salesforce, Hubspot, Pipedrive, and more to conduct outreach across your tech stack. 

Key features

  • Liquid templates for personalized emails
  • Email optimizer to measure opens, clicks, and engagement
  • Cadence playbooks to deliver the right message at the right time
  • Follow up automation 
  • Unified inbox for multichannel interactions  


Klenty offers three-tier pricing with the Startup plan at $50 per user/month, the Growth plan at $70 per user/month, and the Pro plan at $100 per user/month (billed annually).

3. Mailshake 

Mailshake is a sales engagement platform with a comprehensive suite of sales outreach features. The platform allows automated prospecting on LinkedIn in addition to phone and email. The pipeline-focused analytics provide key metrics for team performance.

Mailshake offers a range of templates, including shared team templates, and AI for writing custom email content. Features like an email domain setup assistant, free email warm-up via SMTP, list cleaning tools, and an in-app copy analyzer help guide users on avoiding spam words and ensure emails reach the right recipients.

Key features

  • Data finder to filter prospects 
  • Lead catcher to reply to leads
  • Mailshake leads drivers to see what worked 
  • A/B test the entire campaigns 
  • Mail merge for personalized messages 


You can choose out of the two plans of Mailshake— The Email Outreach plan at $58 per user/month and the Sales Engagement plan at $83 per user/month. 

4. Yesware 

Yesware is another sales engagement platform that offers a powerful set of features for your sales team to track email outreach activity, immediately learn what’s working, and share it with the entire team. 

You can easily install Yesware for Outlook or Gmail and integrate it with your existing tech stack. The platform lets clients know if prospects got their email, opened it, and if they should follow up. You can also save top-performing emails or pick one from Yesware’s library. 

Key features

  • Contact enrichment for accurate contact data
  • Email tracking for email opens
  • Meeting scheduler for booking calls 
  • Email templates for quickly executing campaigns
  • Reports and opportunities dashboard


The basic Yesware plan starts from $15 and goes up to $65 (if billed annually). They offer a forever-free plan as well.

5. Lemlist 

Lemlist is an AI-powered sales engagement platform. It comes with a large lead database to choose from. Thereafter, you can connect with them on their favorite channels and create advanced conditions based on each lead's interaction with your campaign.

You can seamlessly personalize outreach, deliverability, multi-channel prospecting, and lead generation using Lemlist capabilities. Its AI features further improve the ROI of your campaigns. 

Key features

  • Email finder and verifier for accurate data
  • Lemwarm for deliverability and warm-up booster 
  • Multiple sending accounts 
  • AI campaign generator 
  • Cold email templates and multi-channel sequence


Lemlist has simple pricing with the Standard plan at $59 and the Pro plan at $89 per seat/per month. 

6. AutoKlose

AutoKlose is a sales automation platform that automates every stage of sales including outreach. You can easily automate email campaigns, track engagement, schedule follow-ups, and personalize communication at scale. 

Autoklose has a library of email templates to improve rep productivity. Autoklose seamlessly integrates with popular CRM tools and has an already integrated B2B database. It’s real-time reporting and analytics capabilities can help fine-tune your campaigns. 

Key features

  • A/B testing and detailed campaign result reporting
  • AutoKlose AI Komposer to write better emails
  • Email sequence templates 
  • Contact and team management 
  • AutoVerify to verify emails in bulk


AutoKlose offers three plans – the Auto Kloser plan at $59.99 per user, the Advanced Kloser at $69.99 per user, and the Accelerated Kloser plan at $99.99 per user. 

7. Mixmax

Mixmax, a sales engagement platform combines emails, calls, LinkedIn touchpoints, and tasks to maximize outreach. You can build personalized email sequences and automate follow-ups based on prospect feedback. 

The integrated sales dialer allows one-click dials with call recordings automatically logged in Salesforce. This platform minimizes context-switching with the Mixmax Sidebar which offers quick access to social and CRM insights. Easily engage with customers by embedding polls or surveys and trigger an automated follow-up based on their replies. 

Key features

  • SMS and dialer to reach more prospects
  • Meeting templates to schedule calls
  • Real-time alerts based on customer activity
  • Mixmax AI for quality emails 
  • Sidechat for private conversations with the team about emails


There are three plans offered by Mixmax – the SMB plan is priced at $29 per user/mo, the Growth plan at $49 per user/mo, and the Growth+Salesforce plan at $69 per user/mo. They also offer a forever-free plan. 

Choosing the right sales outreach tool

Technology today can dramatically improve the revenue-generating potential of your business. However, it is important to choose a sales outreach tool only after thorough research and aligning it with your business objectives. 

Sellular has been powering the outreach efforts of businesses worldwide with its advanced features, intuitive UI, quick setup, and the most useful 2-way Salesforce integration. See Sellular in action by requesting a demo with our team. 

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