7 Best Sales Analytics Software For 2024 (Reviews + Features to Look For)

December 18, 2023

Improving your team’s sales performance without sales analytics software is like measuring your height without a ruler.

According to Databox, 78.3% of the companies practice monthly sales reporting, while 69.6% practice weekly reporting. When your sales data is left in disparate systems, it becomes a hassle for your sales team to monitor and optimize your sales funnel.  Hence you must choose the right sales analytics platform for your sales tech stack.

So how do you choose the perfect tool that matches your needs? We've handpicked the 7 best sales analytics tools that you can evaluate to make an informed decision.

4 Features to Look For in Sales Analytics Software 

1. Sales Data Management

  • A good sales analytics tool should be a single source of truth for all your sales data. Look for a platform where your sales team can easily unify, visualize, and organize their data. 

2. Intuitive Dashboard

  • An easy-to-use dashboard is crucial for quick data interpretation. Visual representations and user-friendly layouts help grasp sales performance swiftly, empowering a strategic approach to running sales campaigns.

3. Reporting and Analytics

  • Reliable reports and analytics tools offer comprehensive insights and provide valuable patterns, trends, and forecasts, empowering businesses to refine strategies and optimize sales efforts.

4. Sales Pipeline Management

  • Building a steady stream of leads is one thing, but maintaining your sales pipeline is equally critical. Look for a sales analytics platform with features that streamline sales pipeline management, empower efficient nurturing of prospects, automate timely follow-ups, and identify bottlenecks, thereby improving conversions.

7 Best Sales Analytics Software You Can Check Out 


Sellular is an all-in-one sales platform for SDRs and AEs to streamline their sales process. Your sales teams can create and manage omni-channel sales campaigns across email, SMS, and social media. Moreover, you can personalize prospecting at scale and track sales team productivity with our pre-built reports and dashboards. Sellular also improves your sales reps’ communication with versatile and dependable voice and messaging features. 

Best for: SMBs and Enterprises aiming to scale sales outreach with different channels along with Salesforce


  • Scale outreach with personalized omnichannel messaging all-in-one tool.
  • You can engage with leads worldwide through unlimited texting and voice plans covering 190 countries. 
  • Stay organized with an integrated task management system, keeping tabs on your team's progress.
  • Account, Contact, Lead, and Opportunity Management
  • Automatic Call and Call Notes Logging into Salesforce


  • Intuitive and user-friendly UI
  • Affordable pricing with flexible monthly contracts
  • Deep integrations with two-way sync to unify sales activities
  • All pricing plans include Smart Views and Outbound Sales CRM 
  • Provides white-glove onboarding and free setup 
  • 24-hour account setup
  • Provides 24*5 in-house customer support
  • Zoom and Salesforce Integration


  • Doesn’t offer sales forecasting and revenue intelligence


Starts from $39/- per month. Check out our detailed pricing structure here. 

Salesforce Sales Cloud

Salesforce Sales Cloud is a powerful CRM platform where users can effortlessly track leads, opportunities, and deals at every sales cycle stage. The tool provides a centralized and organized view of the entire sales pipeline, allowing sales teams to identify bottlenecks, monitor progress, and make data-driven decisions. Through intuitive dashboards and reports, Salesforce Sales Cloud empowers users to gain valuable insights into their sales funnel, ultimately enhancing efficiency and enabling more effective sales strategies.

Best for: Enterprises with 1000-5000 employees


  • Contact and lead management
  • Sales collaboration
  • Sales analytics
  • Mobile accessibility
  • Email integration
  • Workflow automation
  • AI-powered insights


  • Offers real-time data analysis.
  • Businesses can customize the platform to their specific needs.
  • Accessible from anywhere, anytime, on any device


  • Expensive for small businesses
  • Steep learning curve
  • Complex implementation process that requires external consultants 
  • Additional investment for customizations


Starts at $25 per user per month 


Groove - a Clari company, is a sales engagement platform that offers comprehensive pipeline visibility, automated activity capture, and intelligent engagement insights. Its seamless integration with Salesforce ensures a unified platform for data-driven decision-making, propelling sales teams to unprecedented success.

Best for: Mid to large enterprises with 100+ salespersons


  • Revenue intelligence
  • Sales dialer
  • Sales automation
  • Email, calendar, and activity tracking
  • Multi-channel campaign automation


  • The revenue intelligence feature empowers company growth
  • Built in email templates 
  • Tracks email open rates


  • It struggles with a clunky interface on mobile
  • Works only with Salesforce CRM
  • No transparent pricing 



▶️Compare Groove vs Sellular


Pipedrive is a CRM that offers in-depth insights into crucial performance metrics key sales activities, conversion rates, and revenue trends. It includes customizable dashboards and reports so users can monitor individual and team progress, pinpoint operational bottlenecks, and iteratively refine strategies for sales success. Pipedrive's analytical toolkit provides businesses with a robust framework to assess, adapt, and enhance their sales performance.

Best for: Small businesses with small sales teams


  • Workflow automation
  • Customizable reports
  • Email and communication tracking
  • Lead and contact management
  • Multiple integration options


  • Feasible for small businesses
  • Sends reminders when you need to follow up on a project.
  • Easy to drag the deals across the stages


  • No free plan
  • Steep learning curve
  • Complex searching and filtering
  • Slow updates


Starts at $9.50 per user per month

Zoho RM

Zoho offers a massive suite of business management tools designed to streamline sales, marketing, and customer support activities within a unified system. Zoho CRM is a user-friendly and scalable solution best suited for early-stage businesses looking for a tool that automates lead management and boosts conversion.

Best for: Startups and small businesses


  • Sales Performance Management
  • Team Collaboration Tools
  • Mobile CRM
  • Multiple Communication Channels


  • Affordable for SMBs
  • Easy sales data management
  • Simple setup process


  • Salesforce and Hubspot integration isn’t seamless
  • Customer support takes time to resolve queries 
  • Shuts down or slows down multiple times


Free for up to 3 users, after which the pricing begins at $14 per user per month


Yesware is a sales engagement platform designed to enhance sales productivity by tracking email outreach, optimizing messaging, and facilitating team collaboration. It’s a plug-in for email application to simplify cold outreach, follow up with leads, and schedule meetings.


  • Email tracking
  • Personalized prospecting
  • Meeting scheduler
  • Email templates


  • It lets you expand your network by directly sending personalized InMails from Yesware to your LinkedIn connections.
  • It lets you track team sales activity with its dashboard.


  • Only available on Gmail and Outlook
  • Frequent email delivery issues
  • Users face a lot of technical glitches 

Best for: Small sales teams looking to automate outreach


Yesware has a long-term free plan with limited basic features, however, their pro plan with unlimited options is $15.

▶️Compare Sellular vs Yesware


Salesloft is an AI-powered sales analytics software used by sales teams to drive pipeline, manage deals and engage customers. The forecast feature predicts sales outcomes and the sales dashboard software 

Best for: Enterprises - with a large budget - looking for CRM and sales engagement features 


  • Sales activity automation
  • Email/call sequencing
  • Performance management
  • Multichannel sales communication
  • Sales forecasting


  • Offers real time data and insights
  • Customizable sales dashboards
  • Multiple cadence creation options 


  • Issues with Gmail connector and dialer
  • Import process from Salesforce is complex
  • Clunky UI


Starts at $45 per user per month

▶️Compare Sellular vs Salesloft

4 Factors to Consider When Investing in Sales Analytics Software

1. Pricing

Evaluate different pricing models, like subscription-based or perpetual licensing, to find the best fit for your business.

Small businesses can opt for a usage-based or “pay-as-you-go” pricing plan since they initially have smaller sales teams and require minimal features. As they scale, they can shift to tier-based pricing to make the most use of all the features available. 

Sellular stands out with a flexible subscription-based model that scales with your business growth. You only pay for the features you need, ensuring cost-effectiveness. Plus, Sellular's transparent pricing policy avoids hidden fees and surprises.

2. Ease of Use

Prioritize a user-friendly interface, clear documentation, and comprehensive training resources so your sales team can seamlessly execute their day-to-day activities without any setbacks. 

Sellular prioritizes ease of use by data visualization and analysis effortless through our Salesforce 360° view feature. 

3. Integration

Integrations allow you to combine data from multiple sources, giving you a bird’s eye view of your sales data. Consider how well your sales analytics platform can connect with your existing CRM and other tools in your sales tech stack.  Check if the software is compatible with your existing systems and offers pre-built connectors or APIs for seamless integration.

4. Security and Compliance

Ensure the software employs strong security measures to safeguard sensitive customer and sales data. Verify compliance certifications and data protection policies to guarantee data protection. 

Sellular’s data centers are ISO 27001 certified and adhere to strict data privacy regulations. Its data encryption and access controls safeguard your data at all times, ensuring your sensitive information remains protected.

Invest in the Right Sales Analytics Software Today

Choosing the right sales analytics tool eliminates the need for guesswork and helps you make better decisions with your sales data. 

Choose a tool like Sellular with robust features like advanced reporting, Salesforce integration, and performance management – your sales team will function seamlessly,  close deals faster, and increase revenue for your business.

Book a demo today to discover how your sales team can use Sellular to win deals like never before. 


1. What is sales analytics software?

Sales analytics software is a tool that analyzes sales data to provide insights, trends, and performance metrics, empowering businesses to make informed decisions and enhance sales strategies.

2. Why should businesses invest in sales analytics solutions?

Businesses should invest in sales analytics solutions to gain valuable insights into customer behavior, optimize sales processes, identify trends, and make data-driven decisions, ultimately boosting sales performance and revenue.

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