3 Groove Alternatives to Boost Your Sales Engagement

December 11, 2023

Are you having a hard time dealing with Groove and its clunky experience? We get it. According to users and reviews on G2, Groove is infamous for its slow load times. 

We get it. It’s frustrating. Here’s what people are saying about Groove on G2:

When you aim to improve your sales productivity and streamline your sales engagement, you want to invest in tools that give you better ROI. Particularly, when you’re spending money on premium sales solutions like Groove, you’d expect your entire sales process to be streamlined. 

So, if premium tools like Groove give you such an unfriendly and poor user experience, it’s obvious to look for better Groove alternatives that meet your needs.

In this post, we’ll share three alternatives to Groove to help you better streamline your sales engagement processes.

3 Groove Alternatives: The TL;DR Version

Now, let’s dive deep into each of these tools and see their features more closely.

1. Sellular

Sellular is one of the best sales engagement platforms and the most preferred alternative to Groove. Besides basic features for outreach and follow-ups, Cellular sports features automatically update all the required Salesforce fields as you go (without having to set aside extra time to update the pipeline). It also integrates with Zoom, allowing you to seamlessly schedule meetings and capture Zoom recordings with leads and contacts.

Key Features

  • Offers a powerful voice and texting system powered by Plivo.
  • Enables domestic and international calling, conferences, voicemail, transcription, text messaging, and call conferencing
  • Allows you to view and edit all Salesforce records in real-time
  • Enables scheduling and recording of Zoom meetings
  • Unifies all sales tasks, which helps track sales productivity  on a single platform
  • Offers an advanced reporting feature that lets you measure sales team metrics, compare sales performance, and create custom reports


  • Intuitive user experience
  • Flexible monthly contracts
  • Unifies sales activities with two-way sync –  automatically updates information on all the integrated tools even when you update information from one source.
  • Smart Views and Outbound Sales CRM in all the pricing plans
  • White-glove onboarding and free setup 
  • Onboarding and account setup in 24 hours
  • 24x5 in-house customer support
  • Integrates with Zoom 


  • Doesn’t offer extra features beyond sales engagement, like revenue intelligence, managing customer success, and forecasting 


Sellular comes with two pricing plan options:

  • Growth: Priced at $39 per user per month. Apt for sales teams wanting to scale automation and personalize email communication. 
  • Business: Priced at $69 per user per month. Apt for teams seeking voice and email omnichannel functionality and robust sales analytics. 
  • Free trial: 14-day free trial

Why choose Sellular over Groove?

  • Smart views: Sellular provides Smart Views to enable real-time and customized Salesforce views and updates with filtering and sorting features; Groove doesn’t. 
  • Outbound calling: While Sellular offers unlimited calls to US and CA, you have to pay for the Dialer add-on in Groove — not to mention the extra cost that comes with this feature. 
  • Integration with Salesforce and other CRMs: While outbound sales CRM features work with Salesforce and other CRMs in Sellular, they only work with the Salesforce CRM in Groove.
  • Customer support: Sellular provides 24x7 customer support to all its customers, but Groove offers reliable customer support only to enterprise teams.
  • Cost-effective: Sellular is cost-effective, with monthly contracts starting at $39 per user per month, while Groove comes with annual contracts with a minimum of $10,000 per month.
  • Free trial: Sellular offers a 14-day free trial while the POC manages the free trial for Groove. 
  • Ease of learning: While Sellular has a lower learning curve, Groove requires dedicated training and admin support.
  • Account setup: Onboarding on Groove takes a week. With Sellualar, users can quickly up their account and onboard in a day.

2. Klenty

Klenty is a sales engagement platform that lets sales teams execute outreach across multiple channels, leverage contextual (and intent-based) follow-ups, and start new sales conversations. 

Key Features

  • Lets you automatically record, transcribe, and analyze sales meetings with Call IQ
  • Helps you place multiple calls in one click, organize the prospect data and scripts, and log notes into the CRM with Klenty’s Sales Dialer
  • Helps you identify where the prospects are in their buying journey and automate the sales process using Sales Cadence
  • Enables multi-channel outreach and enables prospecting via emails, calls, LinkedIn, and texts


  • SMS texting
  • Bi-directional Salesforce sync


  • No smart view for a streamlined workflow
  • Complex reporting and analytics
  • Lacks workflow definition based on data in custom fields
  • Doesn’t provide Smart Views for a cleaner view of the data


Klenty comes with four pricing plan options: 

  • Startup: Priced at $50 per seat per month (only email). Apt for sales teams who want to increase the response rate.
  • Growth: Priced at $70 per seat per month (cadences, dialer, SMS, etc.). Apt for sales teams who want multichannel sales outreach and account-based prospecting.
  • Pro: Priced at $100 per seat per month. Apt for sales teams looking for a KPI-driven sales process.
  • Enterprise: This plan works best for enterprise teams who want a customized solution.
  • Free trial: 14-day free trial available

Why choose Klenty over Groove?

  • Transparent pricing: Groove doesn't offer transparent pricing plans, but Klenty has listed its pricing on its website, starting at $50 per set per month. 
  • Flexible pricing: Groove doesn’t offer flexible pricing. It comes with annual term contracts with a spend of $10,000 in the first year. However, Klenty comes with quarterly and annual pricing options, which users can cancel anytime.
  • Free trial: While Klenty offers a 14-day free trial, the free trial by Groove is managed by the POC upon request.
  • Outbound calling and Dialer: Klenty and Groove both offer outbound calling and dialer features. However, Klenty offers the feature at a lower price, whereas Groove charges extra for Dialer add-ons and outbound calls.

3. Yesware

Yesware is an email tracking platform that lets sales teams scale their email outreach. It lets users craft, send, manage, and improve personalized email communication.

Key Features

  • Tracks attached files from Outlook or Gmail
  • Creates multi-touch, multi-channel email campaigns. Enables users to choose among touch points like automated emails, manual emails, phone call reminders, LinkedIn Inmails, and custom touches
  • Lets you create personalized email templates 


  • Allows you to create email campaigns, upload a leads list, and set up email reminders easily
  • Offers quicker account setup


  • Finding templates can be complicated
  • Doesn’t offer a dialer or SMS
  • Doesn’t provide support for free plan users


Yesware comes with five pricing plan options:

  • Free: This freemium plan works for first-time users wanting to get started with a sales engagement platform.
  • Pro: Priced at $15 per seat per month, this plan is the best for solo sales professionals and small businesses. 
  • Premium: Priced at $35 per seat per month, this plan works best for the scaling sales team and mid-sized companies.
  • Enterprise: Priced at $65 per seat per month, this plan is perfect for sales teams using Salesforce CRM. It includes everything the Premium plan offers.
  • Custom: This plan is the best for companies wanting features based on their team's specific needs.

Why choose Yesware over Groove?

  • Freemium pricing: Yesware offers a freemium pricing plan, whereas Groove offers paid and non-transparent pricing plans.
  • Ease of learning: It has a lower learning curve, whereas Groove requires dedicated training and admin support. 
  • Email and attachment tracking: If you want a robust email tracking system, Yesware is the best choice, enabling you to track emails and attachments. Groove doesn't offer these detailed tracking features. 
  • Email enhancements: Yesware also offers email enhancements like email templates and email tracking, features that Groove doesn’t have. 

Make your sales engagement efficient with Sellular

You’ll find many five-star reviews for Groove, but Groove might not be the right fit for every sales team. Some may find Groove to be pricey and lacking advanced features, while others may not appreciate the unresponsiveness of Groove’s customer support.

The best way to cope with this? Try a better Groove alternative—Sellular. It offers reliable customer support, quick onboarding and setup, and a cost-effective outbound calling and SMS texting system.

Book a demo for Sellular and get a 14-day trial for free!

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