Unlocking Success: Navigating the Best Cold Email Outreach Software

December 22, 2023

Cold email outreach still plays a crucial role in an evolving world of sales that’s harping on social selling, AMBs, etc. Hubspot’s survey of 488 buyers revealed that  8 out of 10 buyers prefer to be contacted by email. B2B buyers, besides wanting to have personalized conversations with sales reps, still prefer to be reached by outreach emails.

This is why businesses use specialized software to make their cold email campaigns way more effective. This article helps you understand:

  • Why cold email outreach is a big deal 
  • Why businesses use software to make email outreach easy 
  • The best sales tools available; we’ve even curated the best cold email software to make outreach super easy

Why Cold Email Outreach Matters

Cold email outreach remains a vital component of sales strategies for several reasons. It allows businesses to expand their reach, initiate meaningful conversations with potential clients, and ultimately drive conversions. As digital communication continues to dominate, leveraging a well-crafted cold email strategy is essential for staying competitive in today's fast-paced business landscape.

Why Businesses Use A SaaS Platform For Cold Email Outreach

While the concept of sending cold emails is straightforward, the execution is complex. Specialized software is imperative to streamline the process, which is otherwise tracked using multiple spreadsheets, and tools.  

Cold email outreach software also helps personalize emails based on different prospect segments, and sports reporting and data visualization capabilities that track the effectiveness of campaigns. 

From managing contact lists to analyzing engagement metrics, the right software can be a game-changer for sales professionals.

Key Features to Consider When Evaluating Email Outreach Software

Beyond the fundamental ability to send cold emails, the best tools must empower users to orchestrate comprehensive sales cadences across various channels. 

The fundamental idea is to enable users to create impactful engagement strategies. 

Some of the features to consider would be:

1. Dynamic Email Personalization

Crafting emails with a personal touch makes all the difference. So, look for a tool with advanced personalization features, use merge tags for dynamic insertion of customer-specific details. Personalized greetings and tailored content that make your email look less like a generic email blast will boost outreach.

2. Strategic Email Scheduling

Success in cold email outreach hinges not only on personalization but also on strategic timing. Opt for a tool that facilitates scheduled emails, allowing you to deploy campaigns at optimal dates and times. Leverage research insights, such as the ideal day (Tuesday) and time (10 AM to 11 AM and after 5 PM), to enhance your outreach efficiency.

3. Automated Follow-Up Emails

Recognize that most prospects require multiple touchpoints for a response. Choose a tool with robust follow-up email capabilities, enabling automated, timely follow-ups based on prospect interactions. Scale your outreach seamlessly while maintaining a personalized touch and nurturing leads until a meaningful response is obtained.

4. Centralized Master Inbox

Streamline your outreach management by consolidating responses from multiple email accounts into one centralized inbox. A software that supports the connection of unlimited email accounts, ensuring a unified view of prospect responses, would be good here. A unified inbox provides a centralized hub for monitoring opens, replies, and follow-ups, simplifying the tracking process.

5. Email Deliverability Optimization

Escaping the dreaded spam folder is crucial for effective cold email campaigns. Ensure personalization, authentication with SPF, DKIM, and DMARC records, list verification, and adherence to email-sending limits for optimal results.

6. Robust Team Collaboration

Select a platform that supports multiple users and facilitates hierarchical roles, enhancing team collaboration. Enable shared access to templates, contacts, and scheduling tools within a collaborative workspace, promoting a cohesive and efficient workflow.

7. Seamless CRM Integrations

Choose a tool with deep integrations into leading CRMs like Pipedrive, Zoho, and Hubspot. Seamless data synchronization, enabling the effortless incorporation of prospect details into cold email templates and workflows, is a boon.

CRM Functionalities: Why It’s the Most Important Tool for Automated Emails

When it comes to automated email campaigns, having a robust Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system is not just advantageous – it’s a game-changer. You need a tool that not just manages and protects your database, but creates an ecosystem of managing customer interactions and data. These days, tools like Sellular have CRM functionalities that extend beyond conventional CRM systems. Some of the key features you should look for are:

1. Data unification

It should consolidate information from various touchpoints and provide a summarised view of customer interactions, purchase history, and preferences.

2. Segmentation for effective re-targeting

When you segment your customer, you can create effective email funnels tailored to each segment's unique needs.

3. Workflow inclusion

Workflow automation capabilities can help businesses design and build intricate workflows with specific prompt triggers for automated email responses. Maybe welcome emails for new customers, engagement campaigns for dormant leads…

4. Integration

A tool that is designed to integrate with popular email marketing platforms makes transferring data between the CRM and the email marketing tool so much easier.

5. Personalization

Recipient names, references to past interactions, and customer preferences knowing all this and building them into emails sent out to customers can make all the difference between your email remaining unopened or giving you the desired outcome.

The Best Cold Email Software/s

Name of the Software Top Features Pricing Model of Pricing User Friendliness
Sellular (Best Cold Email Software Overall) Omnichannel Sequences, Tasks & Automations

Cold Email Outreach

Outbound Calls

Native SMS & MMS Texting

Sart Views to view & update CRM Data

Bi-Directional Salesforce Sync

Starting from $39 Per user/per month ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Saleshandy Email Personalization

Unified Inbox

Automated Follow-ups

Team Management


$9/user/month Monthly/Yearly Subscription ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Yesware Email Tracking and Engagement Analytics
Campaigns and Templates
Salesforce Integration
Integration with Gmail and Outlook
Pro: $12/user/month
Premium: $25/user/month
Custom Pricing
Snov.io Unlimited emails
LinkedIn integration
Email Finder and Verifier
Drip Campaigns
CRM Integration
Starter-pro packs:
Monthly Subscription ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Woodpecker Gmail and Outlook Integration Automated Follow-ups
A/B Testing
Pay as You Go: 40/month
Team: 50/user/month
Pro: $171/user/month
Monthly/Yearly Subscription ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Why You Should Check Sellular For Your Cold Email Outreach Needs

From its intuitive user interface to its integration capabilities, Sellular has many USPs that make it a market leader:

1) Sales Engagement Features: Sellular's sales engagement features take centerstage, emphasizing how the tool empowers users to craft compelling campaigns that resonate with their audience. From automated follow-ups to targeted communication, this section explores how Sellular enhances the engagement aspect of sales outreach.

2) Sales Outreach Capabilities: Sellular’s sales outreach capabilities extend beyond traditional email campaigns. This segment details how the tool enables users to connect with prospects through various channels, ensuring a diversified and effective approach to outreach. From social media to personalized landing pages, Sellular equips users with the tools needed to stand out in a crowded digital landscape.

3) Personalization Tools: The commitment to personalization is a defining feature of Sellular. This section explores how the tool allows users to tailor their messages for maximum impact. Dynamic content insertion, customizable templates, and personalized subject lines are among the key features contributing to Sellular's efficacy in creating meaningful connections.

4) Analytics and Reporting Functionalities: Sellular’s analytics and reporting functionalities emphasize how the tool provides actionable insights for continuous improvement. From real-time tracking of email performance metrics to comprehensive analytics dashboards, Sellular ensures that users have the data needed to refine and optimize their outreach strategies.

Sellular Pricing

Growth Business
Price $39

per user per month


per user per month

Product-business fit For growing teams looking to scale outreach with personalized email automations and sequences. For teams seeking voice and email omnichannel functionality and robust analytics.
Features Account, Contact, Lead, & Opportunity Management

Email Integration (Gmail, Outlook, or any provider)

Email Sequences

Customizable Grid Layout

Inline Editing

Bulk Updates

Complete Salesforce Integration

Automations for Accounts,

Leads & Contacts

Everything in Growth plan, and

Omnichannel Sequences

Integrated Calling as Sequence Steps

Custom Domains for Email Tracking

Unlimited outbound Calling to US & Canada

Outbound Calling to 190 countries
(As per purchased call pack)

Receive calls on Phone numbers (in 46 countries) - View Coverage

SMS Texting (Supported in 12 countries)

Voicemail to Email

Call Recordings and Sharing

Call Dispositions

Automatic Call and Call Notes Logging into Salesforce

Want to try out Sellular?

If you’re looking for the best cold email software to increase your lead generation and sales, check out Sellular in action. It stands out from its competition with its seamless integration with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, intuitive user interface and short time to set up. 

Such a deep integration enhances user capabilities, providing a unified platform for managing contacts, leads, and opportunities.

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