Best B2B Sales Prospecting Tools

January 2, 2024

Every B2B business wants a red-hot lead pipeline. And to do that – you need to conduct prospecting right, which will then ensure a continuous flow of high-quality leads who are more likely to convert into loyal customers.

A sales prospecting tool can give you a headstart if you want to streamline your search for high-potential leads. 

In this article, we will help you explore a sales prospecting tool and choose the best B2B sales prospecting tool for your business.

Why do you need a B2B sales prospecting tool?

The true utility of a sales prospecting tool is in the manner it helps streamline all three stages of prospecting – researching the audience, qualifying the prospects, and finally, the outreach. This translates into the following benefits for your business. 

  • Better conversion rates: A sales prospecting tool's accurate data and insights help identify prospects that closely align with your ideal customer profile, resulting in a higher conversion rate.
  • Easier to scale: As your business grows, the volume of data and potential leads can become overwhelming. A sales prospecting tool allows your team to efficiently identify, manage, and nurture a growing database of leads without a proportional increase in manual work. 
  • Precise targeting: By deploying advanced algorithms and data analytics, sales prospecting tools can identify and categorize leads better based on criteria like industry, company size, and past interactions. This way, you can keep your messaging aligned with your audience. 
  • More productivity: A sales prospecting tool automates routine activities like data entry, lead research, and follow-ups, reducing the time and effort spent on manual tasks. This can free up time for your sales team to focus on core selling. 

Difference between inbound and outbound prospecting 

It is important to first narrow down your prospecting approach – whether it is inbound or outbound as both these approaches require different functionalities and features of a sales outreach tool. So, before you go ahead and pick one, let us first understand the difference between them.   

Inbound prospecting is about attracting potential customers by creating valuable and relevant content based on their pain points, including blogs, social media, and search engine optimization (SEO). The aim is to make the business easily discoverable on search engines and social media by distributing content to people actively looking for information and solutions. 

Unlike inbound, outbound prospecting is a more proactive approach where the sales team initiates connections with potential customers through cold calling, email campaigns, or direct outreach via social media. Simply put, outbound prospecting is reaching out to a targeted audience, often before they have started looking for a solution. 

The next section will analyze the best B2B sales prospecting tools for outbound prospecting. 

7 Best B2B Sales Prospecting Tools

1. Sellular

Sellular is one of the most complete sales platforms that allows your sales team to build high-converting prospecting campaigns. Sellular seamlessly syncs with Salesforce and helps you set up outreach in no time.  Sellular syncs any change you make to Salesforce data, eliminating the need for extra time spent on pipeline updates. Its two-way Salesforce integration logs all notes, emails, calls, texts, and call recordings for each lead and contact. Its two-way Salesforce integration logs all notes, emails, calls, texts, and call recordings for each lead and contact. 

With your Salesforce database synced to Sellular, you can begin prospecting across email, social media, phone, and SMS using Sellular’s omnichannel cadence feature. With a database of interested buyers ready, use Sellular to reach out to people where they are more likely to convert.

Sellular’s task view helps managers with complete visibility into what are the day-to-day tasks of their sales reps. The individual and team metrics help you understand how talk time translates into successful meetings and demos. 

Key features

  • Multichannel prospecting and sequences 
  • Two-way Salesforce integration 
  • Voice and messaging powered by Plivo
  • Account, contact, lead, and opportunity management
  • Filter data for uncluttered views
  • Daily inbox updates 


Sellular’s pricing is flexible and straightforward with just two pricing plans – the ‘Growth plan’ at $39 and the ‘Business plan' at $69. Plus, you get a free 14-day trial.  

2. Pipedrive

Pipedrive is a flexible, user-friendly CRM that helps you manage your leads and customer data. It has all you need to power your sales prospecting journey.

With Pipedrive’s LeadBooster, you can easily ace lead generation. This helps you capture high-intent and good-quality outbound and inbound leads. Not just this, the Prospector add-on pulls out leads matching your target audience from a database of over 400 million professionals and 10 million companies. 

Its smart contact data functionality can assist you in hyper-personalizing interactions. It fills data gaps in your CRM with publicly available information associated with customers’ email addresses/ domains. 

Key features

  • Kanban-style visual sales pipeline
  • Cold email templates
  • Prospector database
  • Automatic lead assignment
  • Sales automation tools
  • Easy-to-use email marketing functionality 


Pipedrive has five tiers of pricing plans that start from US$9.90 and go up to US$59.90 per user/month (billed annually). 


An all-in-one sales prospecting platform, can help automate & scale multichannel outreach. You can conveniently combine emails, calls, LinkedIn, SMS, and WhatsApp messages into a multichannel sequence. 

With detailed reports, learn which sequence actions drive better results, A/B test your messages, and see how your team performs over time. With integrations, API, and Zapier, centralizing prospecting efforts and having better visibility becomes a breeze.

Key features

  • Chrome extension to find LinkedIn leads
  • Ability to build multichannel sequences 
  • In-built caller for voice interactions 
  • Email tracking to measure campaign success
  • AI-enhanced email templates and recommendations


The pricing of is on the higher end, with plans priced at $60 and $90 per user/month. However, it also offers a free plan with limited features. 

4. Overloop

Overloop is the next one on our list. It is a sales engagement platform that can kickstart and optimize your prospecting. You can quickly run multi-channel outbound campaigns including LinkedIn, email, phone calls, etc, and reduce repetitive tasks with automated workflows. 

Overloop's algorithm helps find missing email addresses, automatically ensuring you have complete contact information. With the Google Chrome extension, you can capture potential prospects while browsing the web or directly import leads from any LinkedIn profile or search. 

Furthermore, you can automate LinkedIn activities such as profile visits, connection requests, and direct messages to improve engagement.  Analyze campaign performance and track various interactions (email, LinkedIn, phone calls) with Overloop reports. 

Key features 

  • Track email opens, clicks, replies, out-of-office, and bounces
  • Templates and variables for personalized outreach
  • Email finder to find missing emails 
  • Voice functionality for cold calls 
  • LinkedIn tracking 


Overloop has three plans – Startup for $49 /user/month, Growth for $99 /user/month, and Enterprise for $49 /user/month. 

5. Quickmail 

Quickmail is a B2B sales prospecting tool with robust features to prospect and conduct outreach. It is a centralized platform for managing all sales conversations and consolidating lead information, responses, messages, notes, meetings, files, and tasks. 

You can upload over 100,000 contacts to access a full-fledged prospecting database in Quickmail. Its lead verification functionality eliminates the possibility of contact duplication. Getting started with cross-channel campaigns integrated with email and LinkedIn is a cakewalk with Quickmail. 

It goes a step ahead and employs AI sentiment analysis to categorize campaigns by positive or negative outcomes, allowing you to rerun the ones with a good ROI. 

Key features 

  • Email/LinkedIn cross-channel campaigns
  • Do Not Contact Domains list
  • Custom domain tracking
  • Inbox rotation feature
  • AI sentiment analysis 
  • Unlimited A/B testing variants


Quickmail offers three pricing plans – the Basic plan for $49/mo, the Pro plan for $89/mo, and the Expert plan for $129/mo.

6. Outreach

Outreach is a dynamic email outreach and prospecting tool carefully designed for sales engagement. It automates processes across the sales cycle and allows you to have personalized conversations with prospects at every step of their buying journey. 

Moreover, Outreach seamlessly integrates with your email client, offering a clutter-free experience while providing a consolidated report of your campaigns. The report includes how many prospects are activated in each account, sufficient rep activity, and buyer sentiment, allowing you to fine-tune your sales prospecting efforts moving forward.

Key features

  • Automated multi-channel, multi-touch sequences
  • AI-powered team analytics and buyer sentiment analysis 
  • Automated data sync
  • OOO detection to pause the sequence 
  • Powerful email sequence capabilities 
  • Integrated call and meeting scheduler


Outreach starts from a whopping $100 per user/month (billed annually). You must pay extra for onboarding, implementation, and customer support.

7. SalesLoft

SalesLoft is a popular B2B sales engagement platform that can generate a prospecting empire. The platform comes with advanced analytics and A/B testing to refine messaging.  You can simply focus on high-volume outbound execution using the Cadence Focus Zone allowing flexible filtering.

You can begin personalized outreach at scale with Salesloft's Generative AI that produces action-triggering emails. You can deploy dynamic fields to enable large-scale personalization for outbound campaigns.

SalesLoft is designed to boost seller efficiency by automating admin tasks. The platform's integration with third-party tools centralizes all outbound activities. Sell on the go by accessing the SalesLoft platform from your preferred web application – including your mobile device.

Key features

  • Real-time alerts when prospects interact with messages
  • Dialer to call prospects 
  • Easy appointment booking 
  • Email templates with dynamic fields
  • Choose from custom or pre-made sequences


SalesLoft is an expensive option for SMBs. Its Standard plan starts at $75 per user/month, the Professional plan starts at $125 per user/month, and the Advanced plan starts at $205 per user/month. 

Which B2B sales prospecting tool should you go with?

We have compared the best B2B sales prospecting tools available in the market today. Your choice of the tool depends on various factors, with a key determinant being the scale of your business. 

So, if you are a small business… 

You can begin with Pipedrive or Sellular, as these are budget-friendly, scalable, and easy to navigate for first-time users.

If you are a mid-market business...

Quickmail, Overloop, Reply, and Sellular balance advanced features and ease of use, catering to mid-market enterprises seeking a comprehensive sales prospecting tool. 

If you are an enterprise…

You may choose advanced solutions like Outreach, Sellular, or SalesLoft for large-scale prospecting initiatives.

Sellular emerges as a versatile platform that easily adapts to the requirements of a business. Moreover, its intuitive design ensures a smooth onboarding process, allowing users to realize its capabilities instantly. Book a demo and get a first-hand experience of the platform right away. 

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